Day 1: “Every Story Has Its Scars…”

Scars may seem like a morbid subject in a blog about beautiful things, especially as the focus of the first official post, but I’ve been thinking about them a lot the past couple weeks and, yes, realizing that they really can be beautiful.

We all have scars of one sort or another, but whether they’re literal or metaphorical, obvious or hidden (either underneath our clothes or even underneath our skin), most of us remain strangely ashamed of them. We’re often told it’s impolite to ask (or even talk) about them, and even if we aren’t, we’re rarely (if ever) told to think of them as beautiful.

We’re taught to think of them as flaws or, at the very least, reminders of pain.

But there’s another side to scars.

In her song “Remedy,” which she co-wrote with Ryan Tedder for her massively successful third album 25, Adele reminds us that “every story has its scars.” What she doesn’t mention is that every scar also has its story.

Wounds are about pain.

Scars are about healing – visible proof we overcame the pain of those wounds. They represent our strength, our resilience, and our will and capacity to survive, sometimes in spite of terrible odds, so embrace them – and never, ever be ashamed of what you’ve survived.


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