Day 5: “Mirror, Mirror”

Most of us stand in front of the mirror at least a few times every day. Sometimes we do it passively, paying little, if any, attention to the face that’s looking back at us. Other times, we do it actively, in the words of T. S. Eliot, “to prepare a face to meet the faces that [we] meet,” each and every action a deliberate attempt to mask or minimize whatever flaws we see in ourselves and put our best face forward.

It’s so easy to focus on our flaws – real and imagined, physical and non-physical alike – that we rarely take the time to look beyond them.

It’s time to change the way we see ourselves.

Pick a morning next week, and when you first get out of bed – before you take off whatever you wore to bed the night before…or shave…or do your make-up or your hair…or brush your teeth…or wash your face…or even scrape the crust out of the corners of your eyes – take a minute to look at yourself, face to face and eye to eye, in the first mirror you see, and tell yourself – out loud – something that you like about yourself.

The next morning, add something else. Then keep doing it – morning after morning, day by day, one day at a time – adding to the list of things you like about yourself until the morning comes when you look in the mirror and you actually see yourself – your true and total self – instead of just your flaws.


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