Day 18: TBT – M*A*S*H: “Who Knew?” (1982)

Over the course of eleven seasons (and an iconic series finale), the television series M*A*S*H offered audiences hundreds of memorable comedic and dramatic moments – lines, images, scenes, and performances – that continue to resonate more than three decades later.

In “Who Knew?” (the fifth episode of the show’s final season), the members of the 4077th confront the sudden death of Millie Carpenter, a new nurse they quickly come to realize that none of them ever really knew.

The episode, written by Elias Davis and David Pollock, was the fourth from the series to receive (and seventh to be nominated for) the prestigious Humanitas Prize. Although perhaps not one of the most remembered moments from the series, Hawkeye’s heartfelt eulogy for Millie Carpenter at the end of the episode remains, at least for me, one of its most affecting.


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