Take a Look: Reaching Out (Christian Bucks and Natalie Hampton)

matthew-miller-and-christian-bucks-alyson-bucksPhoto by Alyson Bucks

From The Washington Post website: “It’s been three years now since 10-year-old Christian Bucks thought his family was moving to Germany for his dad’s job and his mom showed him brochures about his potential new schools. He would be the new kid there. … He was just in first grade then, but he knew what loneliness on the playground looked like. He’d seen it at his own elementary school in York, Pa. But one German school he and his mom looked at had a solution for this. It was called the buddy bench, and if a child was sitting on it alone, it was a signal to the other kids to ask him or her to play. … Christian’s family never did move to Germany, but the little boy is credited with introducing buddy benches to America.”

Read more at The Washington Post website.

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natalie-hampton-carolyn-hamptonPhoto by Carolyn Hampton

From The Washington Post website: “Natalie Hampton spent most of her 7th and 8th grade school years eating lunch alone. … Natalie switched schools for high school. She chose a school that, when she toured it, seemed to prioritize community. Now a 16-year-old junior, she’s happy there, with a group of close friends and extracurricular activities. But she’s never forgotten those two dark years when she was bullied and isolated by her peers. And she hates the idea of other kids going through what she did. So Natalie came up with an idea that would allow students a judgment-free way to find lunch mates without the fear of being rejected.”

Read more at The Washington Post website.


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