Day 46: TBT – from “Rudy” (1993)

Spoiler Alert: The following synopsis (taken from IMDB) contains spoilers. Stop reading now (and don’t watch either of the video clips below) if you’ve never seen the film and don’t want to know what happens at the end before you do.

If you haven’t seen the film, add it to your list, even if you don’t like football (and, yes, I’m saying that as someone who doesn’t like football).

+ + + + + + +

“Rudy Ruettiger grows up in a Catholic, working class family that loves Notre Dame football. He does not have the grades, the size or the talent to get into his beloved school so he follows his brothers and father into work at the steel plant. After his twenty-second birthday his best friend Pete who always believed in him dies in an accident. Rudy then realizes that it is now or never to follow his life-long dream to play for the Fighting Irish. Despite fear of failure from his father and girlfriend, he leaves to pursue his goal. Showing up is not enough to get him into the university, so with the encouragement of a priest, he enrolls in Holy Cross Junior College. There he gets help from a tutor, who helps him deal with his reading disability and finally get good grades. He works on the maintenance crew. Finally, Rudy gets accepted, and upon transferring in to the school, he gets a chance as a “tackling dummy” for the team for two years. Encouraged by his persistence and spunk, Rudy inspires the team and is allowed to dress for one game … .”



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