Day 47: “Let’s Stop Bullying…Ourselves”

I know it’s a strange title. It’s supposed to be strange, because it’s an idea we don’t think about that much.

We talk about bullying a lot, but we never really think about bullying ourselves.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had experience, in one way or another, with bullies, those people who build themselves up by breaking others down (physically or emotionally), at some point in our lives, and most – if not all – of us would agree that bullying is wrong.

So why do we keep bullying ourselves?

Obviously, I’m not talking about physical bullying (mainly because I don’t know anyone who gives himself a wedgie, slams himself into a locker, dumps himself into a trashcan, or shoves his head into a toilet), which means I’m talking about emotional bullying.

Why do we keep putting ourselves down by comparing ourselves to everyone else and focusing on how – and how much – we fail to measure up to however we perceive them to be better than ourselves?

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t given into thoughts like these: He’s better looking than me…She’s smarter than me…He has more money (or more hair) than me…She’s more talented than me…Why can’t I be more like…

Here’s the thing. There are always, always going to be people who are better looking, smarter, richer, and more talented than us. Comparing ourselves to them doesn’t help us – or them – become better people. In fact, most of the time, the only thing is really does is make us feel inadequate and insecure.

Let’s stop bullying ourselves, making comparisons, and putting ourselves down. Let’s start appreciating ourselves (and others) for who we (and they) really are – not how we compare to them (or they compare to us).


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