Day 113: “Just Get On With the Show”

My writer’s block continues, so today I’m sharing a short rumination from Dolly Parton, who offered the following thoughts to her audience during a recent concert in North Carolina.

“I wish we could gather up all this love and all this energy that we’re feeling tonight and put that in some little bottles and just send it all over the world, just to heal all this stuff. … But they’ve just got us all just scared to death with all this political terrorism. People are just afraid to do anything, really. People said, ‘Oh, it’s the end of time’ … But nobody knows when the end is coming. …  It might be today, and it might be tomorrow, or in a million years or two; but in the meantime, we’ve gotta be happy, we’ve gotta work together, we’ve gotta do better. We’ve got to dream more, care more, do more, be more, and it wouldn’t hurt to pray more, right? So let’s just stop this whole doomsday attitude and just get on with the show.”


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