Day 135: Words, Words, Words – Viola Davis (2016)

On Sunday night, Viola Davis delivered a remarkable speech as she accepted the inaugural #SEEHER award at the 22nd Critics’ Choice Awards. If you haven’t watched – or read – it yet, it’s definitely worth a listen – or a look.

“It’s hard to accept being a role model for women when you’re trying to lose weight, but it’s true. I’ve always discovered the heart of my characters by asking, ‘Why?’ When I was handed Annalise Keating, I said, ‘She’s sexy. She’s mysterious. You know?’ I’m used to playing women who gotta gain 40 pounds and have to wear an apron. So I said, “My God, I have to lose weight. I gotta learn how to walk like Kerry Washington in heels. I gotta lose my belly … .” And then I asked myself, ‘Well, why do I have to do all that?’ I truly believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, and I just recently embraced that at fifty-one. I think my strongest power is that at ten o’clock every Thursday night, I want you to come into my world. I am not going to come into yours. You come into my world and you sit with me, my size, my hue, my age, and you … you sit. And you experience. And I think that’s the only power I have as an artist, so I thank you for this award. And I do see her, just as I see me.”


One thought on “Day 135: Words, Words, Words – Viola Davis (2016)

  1. Awesome speech … and post. I had not seen this, and it was touching. Thank you for sharing. I’m 52 and discovering myself as well. : ). Inspiring.


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