Day 190: “A Moment in the Sun”

It was an unseasonably warm day today, so much so that I was perfectly comfortable being outside in a T-shirt (without a flannel or a sweatshirt or a jacket). If you live in the south – especially somewhere like Florida – that might not seem very remarkable, but if you live in the middle of Appalachia, you know how rare it is to experience that type of day in the middle of February.

Despite the possible ecological implications of having that kind of weather in the first week of February, I didn’t think about global warming. In fact, I didn’t think about anything. I just let myself take a moment to enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, the breeze, and the sound of the birds.

Over the past couple of weeks, the overall tone of the daily news – both in print and online, social media, and even our everyday conversations seems to have gotten progressively more negative with each passing day. But even in the midst of the turmoil swirling around us (and sometimes threatening to totally engulf us), small, unexpected moments of joy can still emerge. We just have to remember that when they do, we need to give ourselves a moment, however brief, to acknowledge and appreciate them.


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