Day 212: Sad Songs #SaySoMuch, Day I / “Let It Go” – James Bay (2015)

For the first time in a little more than two hundred days, I finally did it: Between spending the morning and early afternoon out of town in meetings and the rest of the afternoon and the entire evening driving back home, I missed a day of posting to the blog.

To make up for it (and keep the numbering in place for the remaining blog entries), I’m going to double up today with a make-up Day 213 post for yesterday and a regular Day 214 post for today.

+ + + + + + +

I spent a lot of time (including somewhere between ten and twelve hours listening to the radio and CDs in the car) listening to music over the several days. Somewhere along the way, I started thinking about the way that sad songs sometimes really can be beautiful – even if the beauty comes in a form (or with an emotion) we don’t typically associate with the word, and I decided it might be interesting to do a week-long “Sad Songs #SaySoMuch” theme here on the blog.

There’s no particular rhyme or reason to what I’m going to be sharing. In fact, the only real unifying features of the seven songs I’ll be posting over the next seven days are that they’re all, in some way, sad songs and that they’re all, at least to me, beautiful in some way – some in what they say, some in how they say it, and some in how they make me feel.

I’m going to start with James Bay’s 2015 single “Let It Go,” which is one of those deceptively sad songs you don’t actually realize is sad until you’ve heard it at least two or three times and had a chance to really listen to the lyrics.

“Everything that’s broke
Leave it to the breeze
Let the ashes fall
Forget about me

Come on, let it go
Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me”


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