Day 310: Take Five – Fireflies

The heat and humidity came, but it still wasn’t really summer (not yet)…Another school year ended, but it still wasn’t really summer (not yet)…The lilies bloomed along the highway, but it still wasn’t really summer (not yet)…The pool opened in the park downtown, but it still wasn’t really summer (not yet)…Then the fireflies came (and danced like stars in the night), and it was really summer (at last).

I always look forward to the first fireflies of the summer, and the simple, impermanent beauty of their rhythmic green glow.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that you can see the fireflies, take a few minutes this weekend, step outside, let go of everything else inside your head, and let yourself get lost in the magic of their gentle glow.


Day 253: Take Five – “Like It’s the First Time…or Like It’s the Last”

From Yahoo! News UK:

“Carsten Flemming Hansen was told by staff at the Aarhus University Hospital that he was too sick to undergo surgery on his stomach and would die of internal bleeding. After being informed of the news by his nurse, Rikke Kvist, he told her of his final wish — to watch the sunset while enjoying one last glass of wine and a cigarette. She was only too happy to oblige — despite smoking being banned at the hospital.”

Read the full story at the Yahoo! News UK website.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Mr. Kvist’s requests were a simple, unassuming trio: a final cigarette, a final glass of wine, and a final sunset, but despite (or perhaps because of) their simplicity and their familiarity, Mr. Kvist chose to savor them one last time – a poignant reminder not only of the beauty of simple kindness but also of the beauty of the seemingly inconsequential – and all too often overlooked – moments of joy life offers us every day.

For the next week, slow down and really enjoy your favorite little thing every day. Maybe it’s the first cup of coffee in the morning – not just the taste but also the smell. Maybe it’s the sound of the birds outside your window – or the way the robins stop and tilt their heads to the ground. Maybe it’s a great song on the radio on your way to work. Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun on your skin in the afternoon. Maybe it’s seeing that one special star when you look up at night. Maybe it’s a cup of tea at bedtime.

However you define the perfect moment, take five to stop and let yourself enjoy it like it’s the first time…or like it’s the last.

Day 242: Take Five – the National Toy Hall of Fame®

From the National Toy Hall of Fame® official website:

“The National Toy Hall of Fame® at The Strong, established in 1998, recognizes toys that have inspired creative play and enjoyed popularity over a sustained period. Each year, the prestigious hall inducts new honorees and showcases both new and historic versions of classic toys beloved by generations.”

Let yourself take five (or even ten) to visit their official website, browse the more than sixty inductees, and let yourself enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you remember you own favorite childhood toys (and the carefree, innocent hours you spent playing with them).