Day 298: “Over the Rainbow” – Ariana Grande (2017)

Some performances are transcendent – and even if you don’t like the song (or the way she chose to interpret it) – this still is one of them.

It would have been easy – and understandable – for Manchester or Ms. Grande – to have pulled the plug on this event after what happened in London yesterday. It would have been easy – and understandable – for the other performers to have pulled out of the show. It would have been easy – and understandable – for the fans (and the people of Manchester) to have stayed away and left the venue empty.

It would have been easy, but it never would have been a moment as beautiful as this.

Day 272: TBT – from “Pretty in Pink” (1985)

Disclaimer: this TBT clip contains a single instance of strong language.

It’s prom season again, which seemed like the perfect time to share this classic 80s clip of the last five minutes of John Hughes’ classic high school rom-com Pretty in Pink.

It may not be the greatest – or most important – five minutes of film Hughes ever made, but it’s still my favorite, because the three main characters – including the ginger and the oddball – all share a happy ending (arguably a much bigger deal three decades ago than now).

Unrealistic? Perhaps.

Sometimes, though, you have to turn your back on realism and let yourself get lost in the moment.