Take a Look: “Just a Normal Guy”

From People magazine via Yahoo! News: “Last fall, for the first time in 14 years, Patrick Hardison was just another face in the crowd. ‘The day I got out of the hospital, I needed a few things, so I went to Macy’s,’ Hardison, 42, tells PEOPLE exclusively. ‘I could tell the difference right then. Nobody was staring, nobody was saying anything. I was just there.’ It may sound like an everyday errand run, but for Hardison, that shopping trip in October 2015 was the moment he began to reclaim his life. Having lived with a disfigured visage since he suffered severe burns in a 2001 accident, the volunteer firefighter underwent a groundbreaking and risky procedure last year — the first extensive face transplant in the world — to save his vision and return to some sense of normalcy. Indeed, ‘Now I’m just a normal guy,’ Hardison says. ‘There’s no staring, there’s no kids running off crying — that means everything.’”

Read the full story at People magazine via Yahoo! News.


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